Mar 27, 2009
Ok, before the name calling begins, let me explain. I had thought that twitter is ridiculous and had no relevant use for the past 4 years or so and not until recent have i seen the light. As i believed most people used it to pass along little tid bits of nothingness i have found it can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to possible key west surf forecasting. You can go to and choose to follow us as we will be only posting when we see waves or have a tip on waves coming our way. Twitter makes it even easier to update the forecast portion of from anywhere but thats not the best part. If you sign up for a twitter account and reply to one of our posts, like if you see some waves somewhere, then your post will automatically upate on as well. the more people get on board the more people we believe will be able to get in the water. If you don't want to be twitter nerd then no big deal, all the new forecast updates will come to as well.